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Back2Eden (B2EL) health is wealth is all about educating and encouraging persons in making daily decisions as a means of living healthy lifestyles. It is our goal to help persons understand that there are eight (8) laws of health that if simply adapted in our daily lives we can preserve, correct, and if not addressed too late, can even reverse illness or disease.

Back2Eden health is wealth believes that life is an never-ending learning cycle; therefore it is our responsibility as we learn of ways to improve the quality of our lives through “health reform” that we share these principles in the simplest way that every person may understand.

It is our intention that throughout this educational journey our viewers would:

  • Understand the conditions necessary for health!
  • Understand the nature of disease!
  • Understand the importance of ascertaining the cause of disease!

Some special educational features that we seek to shed light on are:

  1. The cleansing or detoxing function of the body.
  2. The nutritional function of the body. Providing your body with what it needs to work optimally.
  3. The highly recommended 21-day detox methodology through the use of natural herbs and foods that are considered the most effective way of cleansing and ridding the body from harmful substances while also nourishing that particular system or organ.

Back2Eden health is wealth embraces the statement “let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food” by Hippocrates. We therefore strongly encourage the use of a plant-based palatable diet as the original diet given to mankind by our Creator, God! We at Back2EdenLifestyle believe that “Health is Wealth”! Although this is also established by “good science” we have personally experienced that a meat-less diet or better known as a plant-based diet together with practicing of the 8 laws of health, is the best lifestyle to invest in, to not only improve ones’ health but more importantly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Therefore persons seeking to improve and maintain health must be intentional in exercising the “willingness to forgo present pleasure for future good”

Since, in most cases, there is usually a need to supplement and have direct access to reliable products for detoxing and building your immune system we have incorporated an “Online shop”, that currently only serves the citizens of Sint Maarten where our ministry began. In the near future, it is our hope to extend this service to other countries where our ministry is active.

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The 21-Day Detox

Learn how to detox your body the most effective way.

Nutritional Function

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food.

The 8 Laws of Health

Learn about the 8 natural doctors that keep you in health, for free!

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